Energy Intelligence & Analytics

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Energy Transition from traditional sources has meant emergence of new challenges around integration of new and mainly intermittemently available renewable energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy. Whereas the use of Bio-based Combined Power Plants has also placed a demand for optimized supply strategies which takes into consideration the fluctuating energy demand and as well as the impact of market prices which regularly respond to both government policy pronouncements and the performance of other energ production assets such as Coal-fired power plants.

Key to bringing energy transition into a reality is the construction and delivery of a new intelligent grid network,one which will have binary communication and information exchange among all energy market participants. it has means bringing new innovative financial instruments and approaches to increase liquidity availability and incentives for Renewable Energy Integration in the Energy Mix.

Virtual Energy Coin(Vieco) is a transformative virtual energy asset with enabling functions for both energy suppliers and energy consumers to optimize, adjustment and control in real time their energy needs based on real time,continous short-term trading solutions.